Thanks from your winner, James

First of all, I’d like to thank all the students who gave me and the other scientists such great questions. I was typing so fast that my fingers hurt at times but I couldn’t refuse a single question so great job there. It’s really great to see so many young people really excited about science and I know that the other scientists and I loved the questions. For my own part I really enjoyed all of the deep-sea questions and hopefully I’ve answered a few of them but also impressed upon you just how much there is still to learn about the deep-sea.

Thanks as well for all the votes, I hope you agree that Natalie, Shaylon, Anthony and Catherine also did a great job and answered loads of questions much better than I could of done. I think the common ground we shared in all being really fascinated by the natural world and the animals within it really made us a good team, covering insects, deep-sea worms, fish, hares and seabirds and a lot more besides. I certainly learnt lots from them.

I hope you all enjoyed the I’m a Scientist, Get me out of here Animal Behaviour Zone as much as we did. Huge thanks to the I’m a Scientist team, the other scientists and to you guys for making it great fun. Maybe one day we’ll see you in science, I hope so.

Best get planning how to spend the prize money now!


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